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Harmonica SetHarmonica Set Ref: AM977449

Price: 11.02

Balancing EggBalancing Egg Ref: GO2129
Well - don't know about you but I think this beats balancing books!

Inspired by cultures where the ability to carry things on one's head is a necessity, this Balancing Egg is unique in combining a lot of fun with awareness of posture and development of balancing skills. The base of the egg is a soft rubber ring that adapts to the head of each child. The skill now is to build your egg, piece by piece, on the base.

Younger children can start by balancing one or two pieces of the egg. To challenge those who have perfected the skill (not an easy task), place some items inside the egg or challenge your little Eggheads to a race!

The balancing egg is designed to withstand constant use by children.

Price: 18.50

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WhapWhap Ref: TC2300
The original wet and wild water whapper game brings new meaning to "fun in the sun"!

This fast-paced outdoor water game is easy for kids to set up and play. Just fill the reservoir with water and watch the fun begin. WIth the hefty one inch die and colourful playing pieces, players move in either direction around the circular bright blue foam game board. Land on another player's space and ...... WHAP!!

Everyone gets SOAKED! A great way to stay cool on hot days.

This game was voted Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children's Products Winner.

Price: 9.13

Yoho LED PoiYoho LED Poi Ref: TB9823
The LED poi can be set to slowly cycle through all the colours of the spectrum or can be locked onto a particular colour to create stunning light effects. The CD features over 40 tricks and routines. Take your LED Poi out and about in the drawstring bag provided. Batteries are included and Poi measure approx 7.5cm.

Price: 7.82

Yoho PoiYoho Poi Ref: TB9821
Clever Poi that adapt to take three forms: ball poi for super fast twirling, flag poi for spectacular streaming routies and short poi (also known as sock poi) for close body moves including body wraps and bounces. Forty tricks featured on the included CD and comes with a drawstring carry bag.

Price: 6.95

Go GoGo Go Ref: GO2138
A new design with improved quality. Go Go reflects the ambitions to manufacture strong and beautiful toys that are safe, stimulating and fun to play with. This new up-to-date design combines panache with strength. The plastic wheels and pedals with their 14mm steel axle and rubber tyres are great for children between the ages of 4 - 12.

Price: 31.29

Summer SkisSummer Skis Ref: GO2108
Summer skis look easy to use but it can be difficult to keep in step. The skis train the basic motoric functions whilst the children try to coordinate their movements. Made of wood with anti-skid rubber pieces which protect the floor when used indoors.

These well made skis measure 88cm and can be used by 2 children.

Price: 15.22

EDUCATIONAL TOYS > Music and Movement for Kids

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